Brexit: UK Industry Leaders Give No-Deal Brexit Warning

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UK Industry leaders have given out a clear warning that the government plans for a No-Deal Brexit are coming too late. Since the Yellowhammer report on the dire consequences of a No-Deal Brexit leaked weeks ago there have been steps taken towards preparing for a No-Deal scenario, but things are moving slowly. Too slowly.

The Financial Times reports:

“Things have improved since the summer, but it’s still a painfully slow process and there are still many gaps,” said Pauline Bastidon, head of global and European policy at the Freight Transport Association, a UK logistics trade association. She added that ministers claiming to have mitigated Yellowhammer risks in the past six weeks had “a very optimistic view”.

“The best estimate is that [customs agents] can handle 20 per cent of export traffic, but I don’t know who will represent the other 80 per cent,”

Tim Rycroft, chief operating officer at the Food and Drink Federation, said that while preparations were “a little better” now than when Yellowhammer was produced in August, there was a range of issues to worry about.

In the pharmaceutical sector, the Swiss drug company Novartis said many aspects of no-deal were beyond its control but that it was continuing its preparations. It warned that a no-deal departure would severely affect patients and that the long-term impact of Brexit on life sciences remained unclear.

There clearly are doubts across many sectors.

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