Brexit Update: 2nd Indicative Vote All NO’s again. 4th Vote on May Deal?

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Yesterday Parliament voted again on four alternatives to May’s deal, brought forth by members of Parliament. We will take you through the alternatives and the votes:

Votes On Four Notions… Ehm… Motions

Motion C – Customs Union: The UK leaves the EU, but stays in the Customs Unions. May has already said she is against this option, as it means the UK can’t negotiate its own trade agreement with countries outside of the EU.
Result: YES – 273 and NO – 276

Motion D – Common Market 2.0: This model is also known as the Norwegian Model. The UK would not be part of the EU but would participate in the EU’s internal market through the European Economic Area. The UK would have to make substantial contributions to the EU budget and also follow EU rules and laws.
Result: YES – 261 and NO – 282

Motion E – Referendum on the chose deal: Whatever deal is agreed on in the UK Parliament, it will be approved by the public in a vote.
Result: YES – 280 and NO – 292

Motion G – Parliamentary Supremacy: A series of steps to make sure there won’t be a no-deal Brexit. The government of the UK would need to ask the EU for an extension. If the EU would not agree to an extension, Parliament would have to choose between a no-deal Brexit and revoking Article 50
Result: YES – 191 and NO – 292

As we’ve heard House Speaker Bercow say so many times already: The NO’s have it!

There were also several motions that didn’t get to a vote because Bercow rejected them. You can find the full overview of motions here.

What’s Next?

Tonight there will be another round of voting on motions from members of Parliament. May will have to sit and wait for the results. She can’t table any motions herself. Whatever the result, it will be indicative. The Government doesn’t have to act on it.

The 4th Vote on May’s Deal?

The Guardian writes:
Theresa May hopes to bring her Brexit deal back to parliament again next week after it was rejected for a third time by MPs – and appears poised to trigger a general election if parliament fails to agree a way forward.

Despite the embattled prime minister’s dramatic promise on Wednesday that she would hand over the keys to 10 Downing Street if her Tory colleagues backed the withdrawal agreement, parliament voted against it on Friday, by 344 to 286.

Read more here.

Macron Opens Door to Longer Extension

The Independent writes:

Emmanuel Macron has said he is “open” to granting a long Brexit delay if the UK wants to use the time to hold a general election, second referendum, or work out new red lines.

Speaking ahead of a meeting with Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar in Paris, the French president said the granting of another extension would be “far from evident and is certainly not for granted” if the UK requested one.

“Should the United Kingdom be unable, three years after the referendum, to propose a solution back by a majority, they de facto will have chosen by themselves to leave without a deal,” Mr Macron told reporters.

Read the full story here.

We will keep you updated on further developments.

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