Brexit Update: Battle for Nr. 10 – Johnson vs. Hunt

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After the final vote yesterday evening it is finally known which two candidates the 160,000 Conservative Party members can vote for in the weeks to come.

The Tory Members of Parliament were clear on their preference. Boris Johnson got 160 votes. They were less certain about the number two. Jeremy Hunt got 70 votes, which was only 2 votes more than Michael Gove, who was the last to leave the race.

What Now?

There are 160,000 official Conservative Party members. They send in their voting slips through regular mail in the weeks to come. July 22nd we will know who will be the new Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Who Will Be Nr 1. At Nr. 10?

It seems Boris Johnson holds the best cards to win the final stage of the leadership election. Jeremy Hunt realizes his chances are slim, but he’s going to put up a fight in the weeks to come. He tweeted:

In the coming weeks, there will be several debates across the country in front of audiences of party members, between Johnson and Hunt.

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Campaign manager, Mel Stride, said he believed that Mr Gove’s admission that he had taken cocaine during the 1990s had damaged his bid, adding: “It stalled us and meant momentum was lost at that time.”

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Labour criticised the process, saying the effective decision on who becomes the next prime minister should not be in the hands solely of the Tory party membership. Labour also described the choice facing those members as one between the “man who broke the NHS [and] the man who wants to sell it to Donald Trump”.

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The next phase of the contest to elect a new Conservative leader has begun amid claims tactical voting prevented Michael Gove reaching the final two.

Boris Johnson’s team has denied such tactics – but at least one backer suggested some MPs may have switched votes to end Mr Gove’s campaign.

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