Brexit Update: Boris Johnson Also Wins Rounds Three and Four

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The third and Fourth round of voting by the Conservative Party to determine who will be Theresa May’s successor was won by Boris Johnson, again.

Johnson, who won rounds one and two as well, got 143 votes in the third vote. He remains the favourite for becoming the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Four Down, Two to Go

With only 27 votes Rory Stewart was knocked out of the race in the third round of voting and the fourth round has just ended, resulting in the elimination of Sajid David.

The results for round 3:
Boris Johnson: 143 votes
Jeremy Hunt: with 54 votes he is trailing far behind Johnson.
Michael Gove: with 51 votes he is breathing down Hunt’s neck in the fight for the number two spot.
Sajid David: with 33 votes he had little chance of surviving the next round of votes.
Rory Stewart: with 27 votes he was eliminated

The results for round 4:
Boris Johnson: 156 votes
Michael Gove: 61 votes
Jeremy Hunt: 59 votes
Sajid David: with 34 votes he was eliminated

Who Will Be Number Two?

It is too close to say who will become the second name on the ballot that will be sent out to the 160,000 Conservative Party members, as the difference between Gove and Hunt is only 2 votes.

Johnson, however, is clearly the Tory MPs favourite.

We will keep you updated on further developments.

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Photo By Andrew Parsons/ i-Images via Flickr. License.

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