Brexit Update: Brexit Party Joins the Leave Alliance

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Just last week we updated you on the positions of the largest and most important parties in the upcoming elections. One of these parties is the Brexit Party, which is headed by hardcore no-deal-brexiteer Nigel Farrage.

The Same Difference

Boris Johnson’s Conservatives and Farrage’s Brexit Party, in essence, want the same. They want to leave the EU as soon as possible. The only difference is that Johnson is willing to do so with the deal that is currently on the table, and Farrage wants to leave immediately and without a deal. The campaign launch for the Brexit Party was November 1st. It was there that Farrage announced that he would fight the Conservatives for over 600 seats. That got the Conservatives worried. A well known Dutch saying says that if two dogs are fighting over a bone, a third dog will come and run away with it. The fighting dogs end up with nothing. This perfectly describes the biggest worry the Conservatives have.

The Guardian reported:

Nigel Farage has committed the Brexit party to standing more than 600 candidates in the general election, dismissing Conservative warnings that this could split the pro-leave vote as “conceited arrogance”.

After speculation that the party could field only a couple of dozen candidates in Labour leave seats, Farage instead said it would contest every seat outside Northern Ireland, following the Conservatives’ dismissal of a pact based on pushing for a no-deal Brexit.

Read the full article here.

Letting the Big Dog Have the Bone

Because the Brexit is more important than winning the election, Farrage has come back on his decision of last week. He will not fight the Conservatives in all the districts where they can easily win. He will focus his efforts on all the districts where the Labour Party is likely to win. This means conceding a lot of battles, but it increases his chances of winning the war for a Brexit.

This U-turn represents, effectively, a “leave alliance”.

…it consolidates his party’s key strategy – focusing resources on 20 or so key seats where the party has the best chance of winning under the first past the post electoral system. It also reminds us that Farage will have an important role to play in this election: leave alliance or not, the Tories must gain seats to win a majority, which won’t be made easier by the Brexit party focusing its efforts on Labour-leave marginals that the Tories had also targeted.

Read the full story, which contains more information on the elections in the UK here.

Who will win this dog race?

We will keep you posted on further developments in the dog race that is the General Election in the UK. Follow our news page and our LinkedIn Company Page for regular updates.

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