Brexit Update: Brexit Vote Delayed Until Tuesday

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For the first time since the Falkland War, the Brittish Parliament was in session on a Saturday. They were to vote on the deal that the UK and the EU agreed on last Thursday. Things went different though. Instead of voting on the deal, the MPs voted on the Letwin-Amendment first.

What is the Letwin-Amendment?

The Guardian Explains:

His latest amendment would withhold approval of the prime minister’s deal until the legislation to enact it – the EU withdrawal bill – is passed. This might happen next week. Passing the Letwin amendment would trigger the Benn act, which compels Johnson to request an extension to article 50 if a deal cannot be agreed.

That amendment has just been passed with 322 Ayes and 306 Noes.

Parliament now needs to vote on all legislation connected to the latest deal, which will take a lot more time. The reason for tabling the amendment was a simple one: Letwin wanted to force the Government to ask the EU for an extension, so there is more time to discuss the deal, and maybe even block it and ask for a new referendum.

Will Boris Listen?

Ever since he became Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has been adamant about leaving the EU on October 31st. He still is. Even though the bill that was just passed obliges him to ask for an extension, he is stating he will not do so. He does have to do so today, even if it is a minute before midnight.

What Now?

What will happen next is more votes on Tuesday. Until that time nothing changes and we still don’t know what will happen October 31st.

The Guardian reports:

But Johnson insisted: “I will not negotiate a delay with the EU, and neither does the law compel me to do so” – a claim that is likely to see him face a legal challenge.

The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said: “The prime minister must now comply with the law. He can no longer use the threat of a no-deal crash-out to blackmail MPs to support his sell-out deal.”

Read the full story here

The EU is waiting to see what the next steps are that the Brittish Government will take. And so are we…

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Image credit: Tasnim News Agency / CC BY

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