Brexit Update: Elections, Brexit Promises, and EU Warnings

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We have been going around and around when it comes to Brexit. The new general elections in the United Kingdom will be on December 12 and the merry-go-round that is Brexit will be one of the main themes. All parties are promising the voters an end to the Brexit wait. A look at who’s promising what:

The Conservative Party

Boris Johnson leads the Conservative Party. Should his party win the elections, Johnson has promised voters he will get the deal he closed with the EU ratified and make sure the Brexit is finalized by the new January 31st deadline.

The Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn leads the Labour Party. The Labour Party has a different approach to finalizing the Brexit. If they win the elections, they intend to renegotiate the deal with the EU. That new deal will then not be voted on by parliament, but by the people of the United Kingdom. Labour will hold a referendum and the outcome will either be a Brexit based on the new deal, or no Brexit at all.

The Liberal Democrats

Jo Swinson leads the Liberal Democrats. The LibDems, as they are called, want to cancel Brexit altogether. They are saying that canceling Brexit will give the UK economy a boost, which in turn will allow the government to put an additional 50 billion pounds in public services.

The Brexit Party

Nigel Farage leads the Brexit Party. The Brexit Party is promising a fast solution to the Brexit. An immediate no-deal Brexit.

Read more about what each party is promising voters in this article by the Washington Post.

The Voters

And what do the voters want? The BBC reports on a recent survey of voters.

According to Ipsos Mori’s regular monthly survey, Brexit has been far and away voters’ biggest concern throughout the last 12 months.

Indeed, if voters are simply asked to name one issue, Brexit clearly comes out top. In Ipsos Mori’s most recent survey in September, no less than 57% named it as the most important issue. No other topic was mentioned by more than 3%.

As many as 39% told YouGov that “Britain leaving the EU” would be the most important issue in determining how they will vote. Health came a distant second, on just 14%.

The article concludes:

Brexit may not be the only issue in this election.

However, it is clearly helping to shape how people vote – even more so than it did two years ago.

Read the full story here.

EU Gets Ready for Negations of a New Trade Deal

In the meantime EU’s Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier is warning the UK when it comes to negotiations of a new post-Brexit trade deal:

Barnier said the trade talks after Britain leaves as expected on Jan. 31 might be as tough as the long-running Brexit divorce negotiations, which have consumed much of the last three years. He said whatever trade agreement emerges, it will cost U.K. businesses, since they would now be outside the 28-nation bloc.

Currently, there is seamless trade and zero tariffs under common regulations since the U.K. is part of the EU and has unfettered access to a market of almost half a billion consumers.

Barnier warned that “the U.K. should not think that zero tariffs, zero quotas will be enough. The EU will insist on zero tariffs, zero quotas and zero dumping.”

Read the full story here.

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