Brexit Update: Johnson Wins Second Vote and Corbyn Wants New Referendum

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And again everybody is waiting for voting results. First, it was voting of Parliament on May’s deal with the EU. Now we are all waiting for the results of the voting rounds that will ultimately determine who will become May’s successor.

Boris Johnson wins the Second Round

The second round of voting had the same winner as the first round: Boris Johnson. The number of Tory MPs voting for him grew further from 114 to 126 votes. Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt came in second with 46 votes, environment minister Michael Gove came in third with 41 votes, international development minister Rory Stewart came in fourth with 37 votes and the interior minister Sajid Javid came in fifth with 33 votes. Dominic Raab, former Brexit minister, failed to get the required 33 vote minimum and was eliminated.

The third vote will be later today. The candidate with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated, together with all other candidates who get less than 33 votes. This process will be repeated until two candidates are left.

The final round will consist of one round of voting by all paying members of the Conservative Party. They will vote via regular mail. The winner of that vote will be the next leader of the Conservative Party and the next Prime Minister.

Jeremy Corbyn Supports New Brexit Referendum

While the Conservative Party is trying to choose a new Prime Minister, the leader of the Labour Party has announced that he will support a change in Labour’s Brexit policy. Until now Labour hasn’t fully supported a new Brexit Referendum, but could now change. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn now supports a new Brexit Referendum under any circumstances.

A new referendum could mean no Brexit at all…

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