Brexit Update: Third NO for May. One No-Deal Brexit Coming Up!

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Brittish Parliament was given one final chance to approve the deal Prime Minister May and the EU made together. If they had voted YES the UK would have gotten an extension until May 22nd to get everything in order.

They Voted NO!

They have been voting NO for so long some may have forgotten how to vote YES at all… 344 MPs voted NO, while 286 MPs voted YES. “The UK needs to tell the EU on what conditions they do want a deal, before April 12th. We can’t go around in circles forever”, said Dutch Prime Minister Rutte. He also urged companies to keep preparing for a No-Deal Brexit, as the chances for that are getting higher every day.

No Other Option Possible

Right after the deal was voted down again, May told the MPs that “The implications of the house’s decision are grave,” and: “I fear we are reaching the limits of this process in this house.” And: “This government will continue to press for the orderly Brexit that the result of the referendum demands.”

Jeremy Corbyn then asked the Prime Minister to step down and hold elections so a new government can continue the Brexit process.

May May Need to Step Down

According to the Guardian, Steve Baker, the deputy chair of the strongly pro-Brexit European Research Group commented:

“This must be the final defeat for Theresa May’s deal.

“It has not passed. It will not pass. I regret to say it is time for Theresa May to follow through on her words and make way so that a new leader can deliver a withdrawal agreement which will be passed by parliament.”

They further report:

MPs are due to hold another series of “indicative votes” on Monday, a process initiated by a cross-party group of backbenchers led by Oliver Letwin, in a bid to find a majority in the House of Commons for some way out of the impasse.

Read the full article here.

EU Council to Meet April 10th

In the meantime Donald Tusk is going to call for a European Council on April 10.

Customs Union Still an Option for the EU

Politico writes:

If Britain wants a customs union, the EU is ready to make a deal, the bloc’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said Friday.

Speaking to the College of Europe campus in Warsaw, Barnier appeared to nod to the indicative votes in the House of Commons on Wednesday in which eight different Brexit options failed to gain a majority but a proposal for a customs union came closest, losing by just eight votes: 272 to 264.

Read the full article here.

Get Ready!

A No-Deal Brexit is coming very close now. We urge companies to follow Prime Minister Rutte’s advice. Get ready and prepare!

We will keep you updated on any and all developments regarding Brexit.

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