Brexit Update: Vote Delayed, Simplified Customs with No Deal, 2nd Referendum, Deadline Extension, and more

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The 29th of March is getting closer by the hour now and we still don’t know for sure what wil happen. There have been several developments again this week and in this blog post we will bring you up to speed.

UK to offer simplified customs in case of ‘no-deal’ Brexit

The U.K. plans to simplify its customs process in the case of a no-deal Brexit that will allow companies to transport goods from the EU “without having to make a full customs declaration at the border, and will be able to postpone paying any import duties,” the U.K. government announced this week.

Businesses will need to register to take advantage of the new policy, known as the Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP), and can do so starting Feb. 7.

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MPs to have vote by 12 March, says May

MPs will be able to have a fresh vote on the Brexit deal by 12 March, Prime Minister Theresa May has said.
Speaking as she travelled to an EU-Arab League summit in Egypt, Mrs May ruled out holding another so-called “meaningful vote” this week.
But she said “positive” talks with the EU were “still ongoing” and leaving on 29 March was “within our grasp”.

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Top E.U. Official Calls For Extension of Brexit Deadline

Donald Tusk has hinted that the Brexit Deadline should be extended. The obvious problem with this is that all 27 member states need to approve an extension of the deadline.

Tusk warned that the chances of a withdrawal agreement being concluded in time are receding, and with businesses fearing a chaotic and costly cliff-edge departure, sticking by the planned Brexit date would be too risky.

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Jeremy Corbyn: we’ll back a second referendum to stop Tory no-deal Brexit

In the UK there is still also talk about a second referendum on Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn has finally thrown his party’s weight behind a second EU referendum, backing moves for a fresh poll with remain on the ballot paper if Labour should fail to get its own version of a Brexit deal passed this week.

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‘Wake up and close the deal,’ says Dutch PM

Meanwhile, Dutch Prime Minister Rutte is less patient:

He has told the UK to “wake up… and close the deal” on Brexit.
Mark Rutte accused the British Parliament of “sleepwalking into a no-deal scenario” and said it was not acceptable.
And he told the BBC that, as one of the UK’s best friends in Europe, it was down to his country to tell us the truth.

Source: BBC

UK to keep trade penalties post-Brexit

Chinese car tyres, steel products and ceramic goods will continue to be penalised after Brexit, under trade remedy measures announced by the government.
The European Union applies tariffs to imports that have been judged to be traded unfairly.
The UK government said that 43 such remedies to trading will be maintained.

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