Brexit Update: What is Next – Election? Extension? Explanation.

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It has been another interesting week in the Brexit saga. First, the British Parliament voted in favor of the deal Johson agreed on with the EU, at least, in favor of discussing the deal and all the laws and legislation that go with it in detail in Parliament.

When Prime Minister Johnson told them he wanted them to do that in just three days, they voted no on that. They won’t be rushed into any deal.

Can I Have an Extension, Please?

In answer to that Johnson stopped the proceedings altogether and, very much against his will, asked the EU for an extension of Brexit. His own worst-case scenario, as he vowed time after that the UK would leave the EU October 31st at the latest.

Can I Have an Election, Please?

Johnson also called for an election, that is he has requested Parliament to hold an election. He plans to do that on December 12. Two-thirds of the MPs need to agree to that before there can be an election. It is uncertain that he can get that majority as the opposition is afraid that they will lose the election.

Winning the election could give Johnson the majority he needs in Parliament, to push through his deal and get Brexit done. At the start of next week, Parliament will take a vote on this.

The chances of a pre-Christmas general election are rising after Boris Johnson revealed a “plan B” to send the UK to the polls, if he suffers his expected defeat in the Commons on Monday.

For the first time, Downing Street said it is ready to explore “all options” – including new legislation – to persuade MPs to back a snap ballot, even if that means abandoning its own Brexit deal.

The shift came after the dramatic move by the Liberal Democrats and Scottish National Party to back an early election, provided the Withdrawal Agreement Bill is shelved and the threat of a no-deal Brexit removed.

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Can we Have a Referendum, Please?

A group of MPs, in the meantime, will try and use the current situation to force Johnson into holding a referendum.

Rebel MPs are exploring ways to seize control of the agenda from Boris Johnson by allowing parliament to debate and vote on Brexit legislation and a second referendum possibly as soon as next week.

Several MPs told the Guardian this was a plan under consideration if Johnson persisted with his insistence that his withdrawal agreement bill was “paused” until MPs agree to an election on 12 December.

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EU Keeps us in Suspension

In the meantime, the EU has not yet responded to Johnson’s request for an extension. They are waiting for the results of the vote, which makes sense. Although even if we know the answer to the vote, we still won’t know what will happen next.

Can We Have an Explanation, Please?

The BBC has written a very good overview of all the options that are on the table now. There are quite a few. If Parliament votes Yes there will be an election, but if they vote No, there are several options:

  • Vote of no Confidence
  • No-deal Brexit on a new date
  • An election on a later date
  • Referendum

See the full overview here.

And Can We Have a Deal, Please?

A no-deal Brexit is also still an option, as we’ve just read on CNN.

A British Cabinet minister has refused to confirm that the government would abide by any law preventing a no-deal Brexit if one is forced through Parliament this week.

Questioned on Sunday about what the government would do if attempts in Parliament by the opposition were successful to prevent the UK exiting the European Union without a deal, Michael Gove told the BBC’s Andrew Marr: “You’re asking me about a pig in a poke and I will wait to see what legislation the opposition may try to bring forward.

Read the full story on CNN here.

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