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Wij maken gebruik van een intern Customs Compliance Platform. Actuele wetenswaardigheden met betrekking tot douanewetgeving of ander nieuws wat invloed heeft op importeren of exporteren van producten delen wij graag met u. Wilt u ook al het laatste nieuws ontvangen? Wilt u als eerste op de hoogte zijn? Meld u dan aan voor de nieuwsbrief.

EU and UK Agree on a Deal. Will Parliament too?

This morning the EU and the UK have agreed on a new deal. A period of long and hard negotiations has come to an end. If it is up to Juncker and Johnson, the UK will leave the EU on October 31st based on this deal. We’ve got a great new deal that takes back
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More Efficient Customs Procedures in Asia

Europe is not the only region in the world where customs procedures are being made more efficient through digitization and digitalization. Several stories caught our eye this week on this subject. Good news for people trading with and within Asia. Asean nations to exchange trade documents via ASW by year-end Asean stands for Association of
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An important Brexit week

It’s an important week for #Brexit. Again. Reuters reports: To get a deal done, Johnson must master the complexities of the Irish border before getting the approval of Europe’s biggest powers and then sell any deal to the parliament in which he has no majority and which he suspended unlawfully last month. The details of
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[Video] Joint preparations and traffic management for a possible no-deal Brexit

The Port of Rotterdam and the Port of Amsterdam are getting ready for a potential Brexit on October 31st. “No customs documents, no pre-alert, no crossing” Are you prepared? Read more in this article.
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Incoterms Explained: Carriage and Insurance Paid (CIP)

When goods are bought or sold “Carriage and Insurance Paid” (CIP) it means that the Seller delivers the goods to a destination previously agreed to by the seller and the buyer. In that sense, it is similar to CPT. What is different with CIP is the fact that the buyer has paid an additional sum
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Brexit Update: Boris Johnson writes Brexit will happen Oct. 31, deal or not

Again Boris Johnson has vowed to leave the EU on October 31st, whether there is a deal or not. This goes against the explicit wish of the majority of Parliament, who have told Boris Johnson he would have to ask for an extension if no deal is reached. Johnson wrote this in an op-ed in
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Trade Deals Across the World: October Update

In last month’s update, we wrote about Mercosur, new trade deals for South Korea, several deals Trump is working on and some news on Serbia and Russia. The United Kingdom with South Africa and South Korea While talks about Brexit are still ongoing within the UK and between the UK and the EU, the United
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United States Gets Permission to Tax 7.5 Billion of EU Exports

Bad news for many companies both in Europe and in the United States. The World Trade Organization has granted the United States permission to tax up to 7.5 billion us dollars of EU Exports starting October 18th. The World Trade Organization granted the permission after complaints were lodged by the United States against the European
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Klaar voor Brexit! Customs Support Group Klantendag 2019.

Afgelopen week kwamen klanten van Customs Support Group samen in Vlaardingen in het Delta Hotel met uitzicht op de Maas, met schepen vol met containers die de hele dag langskwamen. We nodigden onze klanten uit om hen op de hoogte te brengen over alles met betrekking tot Brexit. Ook hebben we inzicht gegeven in hoe
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Releasing Goods for Free Circulation

When you import goods into the European Union you have to bring them into Free Circulation. Free Circulation means that the goods are cleared by Customs and you can sell them to, or use them in countries in the European Union. How Do You Bring Goods into Free Circulation? There is a standard process for
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The Advantages of Fiscal Representation

You want to expand your business and want to export your products to the Netherlands and sell them to Dutch businesses. This means you need to import your products into the Netherlands. Importing Means Paying Tax When you import goods into the Netherlands to sell them to your customers in the Netherlands you have to
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World Trade Organization Optimistic on Future of World Trade

There’s a lot going on in the world at the moment. The United States and China are in a trade war. The same goes for Japan and South Korea. In Europe we still have a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Brexit. And then to top it off there’s price shocks in the oil market due
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