Not afraid of sharks and snakes? Then we’ve got a job for you!

 In Algemeen nieuws

Freshport, part of the Customs Support Group, was featured in the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad last week. The article in Algemeen Dagblad was called “In deze baan werk je met kreeften, haaien en reptielen op Schiphol”, which translates into In this job you will work with lobsters, sharks, and reptiles at Schiphol.

Can you handle it? We can!

Freshport handles shipments of fresh produce and live animals at the Schiphol Airport. It deals with inspections that are legally required when importing live animals (for example) and handles all communication with the veterinarian authorities.

Freshport also manages the pickup of animals by the cargo handlers and ensures their safe arrival at the Freshport facilities, where trained personnel makes sure the animals are properly kept while awaiting the necessary inspections.

Job Opening of the Week

The article was one in a series of Job Opening of the Week. The job opening is for an Allround Logistics Associate, who obviously needs to be comfortable around live animals. And at Freshport we do handle animals like sharks and snakes. You work in different environments as well, as some animals need to be in warm and humid surroundings and others in colder surroundings. Freshport also handles fresh produce and things like bull’s sperm. No two days are the same.

Flexible and Adapting Like a Cameleon

As a Logistics Associate at Flexport you work with the authorities responsible for various types of inspections that have to be done before the animals or products are allowed into the country. At the Schiphol facility, we work with a small and dedicated team, which is why we want somebody that is all-round. In larger teams, people have dedicated tasks, like driving a forklift all day. A Logistics Associate at Flexport performs a wide variety of duties. From handling animals and cargo to administrative work. You get a lot of responsibilities.

Security is Key

As the job is behind the customs and security lines at Schiphol Airport potential associates need a clean record and will be screened by the Dutch intelligence agency AIVD.

If you’d like to know more about the position or know someone that would be perfect for the job, then please check here for more information. You will start to work via an employment agency, but we will offer the associate a contract if there is a good match.

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