Brexit: Goods Movement & UK Sea Border


As we wrote in the Brexit Update earlier this week, there is still a lot unclear about what businesses will face post-Brexit. What makes it even more difficult is the mixed messages we are getting from representatives of the European Union on one side and representatives of the United Kingdom on the other…

Will There Be a Sea Border Between Ireland and the United Kingdom?

The EU’s Chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has insisted there will be a trade border in the Irish Sea under Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

Mr Barnier made the comments after the PM’s repeated denials that the withdrawal agreement would lead to a trade border.

Mr Johnson’s comments have led to much confusion around the issue, with many pointing to his own agreement as proof that checks and controls would be required on goods travelling from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

Speaking in Belfast on Monday the Prime Minister said that he could not “see any circumstances whatever in which there will be any need for checks on goods going from Northern Ireland to GB.

“The only circumstances in which you could imagine the need for checks coming from GB to NI, as I’ve explained before, is if those goods were going on into Ireland and we had not secured, which I hope and I’m confident we will, a zero tariff, zero quota agreement with our friends and partners in the EU,” he told a press conference.

Please find the rest of this article and an excerpt from what the EU-UK Agreement says about customs and the movements of goods here.

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