Container Depot

Customs Support Safety has its own container depot in Rotterdam (NL), where you can temporarily store your containers, short-term or long-term, empty or full. We accept all container sizes. Reefer containers will be plugged into the power grid. Other services offered at our depot:

Gas measurements, degassing and analysis
Physical checks by the Customs Authority
Temporary Warehousing and cross-docking

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Rob Gielen
Rob Gielen
Head of Customs Support Safety
Orange Open Container
Your partner for the safe temporary storage of goods and containers

Leaving a container at the terminal is expensive. Use our depot to temporarily store your goods and containers, whether they are inbound or outbound, filled or empty, and benefit from the services provided there.

Container Depot | Frequently Asked Questions - (FAQs)

How does the process of storing a container work? 

Your container arrives at the port. You want to collect your container as soon as possible to minimise demurrage costs. Our location is close to the port, and we only charge handling and storage costs. E-mail us with the number of inbound containers, the container numbers and information about the cargo. Please ensure we know containers are coming at least one day before they arrive. 

What about dangerous goods?

We don’t store any containers holding dangerous goods at our facility.

How does collecting a container work?

Let us know what containers you are collecting a day in advance. All we need is the container number and the PIN number.

How does a physical inspection at the depot work?

When the Customs Authority wants to do a physical inspection of the goods in your container, we can facilitate the inspection. We ensure it is safe to enter the container by doing a gas measurement and degass the container if necessary. We unload the boxes the Customs agents want to check and make sure they are properly loaded again after the inspection.

Do the containers have to be customs cleared? 

Our container depot does not yet have a customs warehouse permit in place. This means containers must be customs cleared before storing them at the depot. In the course of 2024 we expect to be granted a customs warehouse permit, so we can store bonded goods containers. 

How do temporary warehousing and cross-docking work? 

We can store your container, but we can also unload it and temporarily store your goods in our warehouse facility. We also provide cross-docking services, so your goods are en route to their final destination fast and without hassle. 

What if there are hazardous gasses in the container?

Our gas measurement specialists can determine whether it is safe to enter a container. If there are hazardous gasses in the container, but speed is of the essence, we have trained personnel that can offload the container wearing protective gear that allows them to safely unload your goods.

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