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Since October 2023, companies importing goods into the EU must fulfill reporting obligations regarding both direct and indirect CO2 emissions generated in the production of those goods.

The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and the associated reporting requirement are applicable to designated categories of goods. Contact our experienced European customs experts to receive guidance on how these changes may affect your business, assist you in navigating the complexities, and ensure compliance with the requirements.

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  1. Importers are currently required to report quarterly on their CBAM-related products and their emissions during the CBAM transition period from October 2023 to December 2025.
  2. Starting from January 2026, importers will be mandated to purchase CBAM certificates, which will be available for sale by Member States through a centralized platform to authorized CBAM declarants.

  3. CBAM certificates can exclusively be acquired by CBAM-authorized declarants. Partnering with a Customs and CBAM expert will save you time and streamline the process of obtaining the necessary CBAM authorization.

  4. CBAM is an integral part of the EU's Green Deal and its commitment to becoming the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. As a long-term regulation, taking action now is crucial to avoid non-compliance and align with the structural reductions of carbon emissions outlined in initiatives like CBAM.

Which products fall under the CBAM-reporting requirements? 

Fertilisers, Cement, Iron and Steel, Aluminum, Electricity, Hydrogen

How to prepare for CBAM

The European Union is shifting towards a more detailed system to monitor the carbon emissions and carbon intensity associated with imported goods. During the current transitional period of CBAM (2023-2025), importers are required by the EU to provide additional data, enabling the estimation of both direct and indirect emissions.

Consequently, importers now have an extra reporting obligation. Quarterly reports must be meticulously prepared and can be submitted in a standardized format. Information to be included covers various aspects such as the quantity and type of goods, country of origin, the facility where goods were produced, production routes utilized, as well as direct and indirect emissions.

Following the implementation of a reliable tracking system, importers will be required to acquire CBAM certificates in 2026. The CBAM regulation assigns a carbon price to imported goods, aligning it with the carbon price of domestically produced goods in the EU. This ensures that imported goods do not compromise the EU's climate objectives.

At Customs Support, we specialize in assisting our clients in complying with CBAM regulations. This involves aiding in the preparation of CBAM reports and submitting them on the EU Trader Portal. Leveraging our digital connections allows us to efficiently handle substantial amounts of data, saving you valuable time and capacity. Entrusting an expert to handle report submissions also reduces the risk of non-compliance with EU regulations. With our CBAM specialization, we provide ongoing guidance and updates on the latest developments in the field.

We are pleased to explore how we can assist your business in meeting CBAM requirements. Please complete the form below to enable one of our experts to evaluate your request and discuss potential solutions.


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In-depth exploration of CBAM requirements and reporting processes. 


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