For the first time, Scotland and China are linked on the same schedule. The new service, operated by a three-way partnership between DKT Allseas, China Xpress, and KC Liner Agencies, now connects the two locations without extra handling.

But where does this new service dock, and what does this mean for you?

Scotland China

Good news for businesses importing from and exporting to China. The Chinese Customs Authority has announced that it has been successful in halving the customs clearance time for imports, two years ahead of schedule.

Import clearing time is now 36.7 hours, which is over 60 percent less than it was in 2017.
Export clearing time is now down to 2.6 hours, which is almost 80% lower.

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Sustainability is one of our core values at Customs Support. We only have one planet, so we need to take care of it for the many generations still to come.


The United States and China have signed a first-phase trade agreement earlier this week. This is potentially a big step in the right direction. Potentially, as the latest deal is just a small step and in no way guarantees an end to a trade war which has had a big effect on global trade.

The trade war has brought uncertainty to both the American and the global economy, with a negative impact on business investments.


Earlier this week we published the latest edition of our monthly overview of trade agreements. The United States doesn’t only sign trade agreements, they also have a lot of trade disputes. The number of disputes seems to have gone up after Trump took office. The New York Times posted a great overview of his current trade disputes.

A Trade War with China

For the past 17 months, the world’s top two economies have been locked in the biggest global trade war since the 1930s.