The EU Customs Pre-Arrival Security and Safety Program: ICS2

All Economic Operators Will Be Affected
The EU customs Pre-Arrival Security and Safety Program: ICS2

The EU Customs is taking steps to improve the entry security and safety border controls. According to the European Commission, it entails an overhaul and reform from multiple perspectives, like IT, legal, customs risk management/controls and trade operational perspectives.

Key to the overhaul is a new information system called ICS-2. EU Customs wants to facilitate the free flow of legitimate trade across external borders through improved data-driven customs security processes. Data is the key and the current systems can’t live up to the task at hand.

  • Directly affected: any Economic Operator involved in handling, shipping and transporting cargo, parcels, or postal consignments will be affected. Postal operators both within and beyond the EU, air cargo carriers, freight forwarding logistics companies, maritime, railway and road carriers and their representatives.

    These operators need to provide the safety and security data to ICS2.
  • Indirectly affected: all manufacturers, exporters, and individuals from outside the EU, wishing to send shipments to or through the EU. They will have to provide the necessary information to the stakeholders mentioned above. 

ICS2 will be implemented in phases, with each release affecting a new set of Economic Operators. Starting with Postal and Express Operators, and ending with Maritime, Rail and Road Carriers, and Businesses Receiving Goods in the EU. For a full overview of the timeline, please refer to the European Commission’s ICS2 page.

Consequences of Non-Compliance with ICS2

Cargo that arrives at the EU borders for which the necessary data has not been submitted to the ICS2 system, will be stopped at that border and denied entry. Customs will not clear these goods.

When the ICS2 registration is of poor quality the goods may be cleared, but with unnecessary interventions and potential sanctions for non-compliance.

What You Can Do to Prepare for ICS2

Good data is key to successful and complete registration of your goods in the ICS2 system. Develop or upgrade your IT systems, so that you are sure of the quality of your data. Adapt your business processes accordingly and train your staff. 

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