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Sedna and Customs Support Safety collaborate with depot in Rotterdam port

Customs Support Safety and Sedna Containers have recently cemented their long-term commitment. In this article, the Managing Director of Sedna, Henk Rademaker and Rick Kramer, head of Customs Support Safety, talk about the successful cooperation in which the container specialist uses our container depot and the facilities available there.

At the end of 2023, Sedna and Customs Support Safety - a division of Customs Support - confirmed a long-term agreement to cooperate, strengthening a partnership that has already existed for some time. Container specialist Sedna will use Customs Support Safety's depot and facilities in the port of Rotterdam for the next few years. Sedna's founder and director Henk Rademaker and Rick Kramer, head of Customs Support Safety are both delighted at the new development.

About Sedna

Sedna was founded ten years ago as a specialist in the sale and rental of containers. "As well as standard containers, we also have a wide range of accommodations which can be used as living quarters, offices, sheds and sanitary rooms. These accommodations can be tailor-made to the customer's requirements in their house style." 


Containers for logistics applications - and more.

"With our group of professionals, we also specialise in modifying containers. Alongside the customer, we adapt the containers to make them suitable for high-end applications, such as water treatment plants and offshore applications, and nowadays increasingly as battery packs." In other words: there is so much more that can be done with a container than just logistics. Sedna works with both new and second-hand containers, and as well as Rotterdam, the company operates from Antwerp, Amsterdam and Anna Paulowna. 

In Rotterdam, the company uses Customs Support Safety’s premises and depot. "We use Customs Support's facilities. Customs Support Safety staff manage the depot and operational flow of the containers: they accept them, take care of the administration, inspect, and repair them if necessary. They keep an eye on quality for us and report damages immediately to our operational colleagues." 

Depot and warehouse combination important for customers 

Like the other major players in the market, Customs Support Safety needs a container depot, explains Rick Kramer. "For our customers this is important, so we can combine the depot operations with warehouse operations. For example, we have the ability to take gas measurements of incoming containers here. If gases are detected, we can also degas, ventilate and perform analyses. Customers can use our drive-in gas measurement station, so they do not have to use an expensive place at the terminal." 

gas measuring

Customs Support Safety is delighted with the strengthened Sedna collaboration. "Sedna usually occupies most of the space and we manage additional services for them. They don't have to hire extra people, and our employees can do it well while still being present. Sedna likes the fact that they always have space at their disposal, and we like the fact that our people can do what they are good at and that we don't have any empty space. This way, we help each other, and both parties do not have to incur unnecessary costs." 

Partnership of at least five years 

Henk Rademaker is pleased with the partnership, praising in particular the quality of action, repairs and the way Customs Support Safety operates. 

With this collaboration, our company is taking a significant quality step. It ensures that we can always deliver the right quality containers to our customers, temporarily or permanently. We have a space of 400 teu at our disposal, so we can be flexible for our customers. We wanted to have our own location in Rotterdam and with the cooperation with Customs Support Safety, we were able to achieve that through a strong partnership.
Henk Rademaker
Director, Sedna

A long-term contract was agreed for good reason. Rademaker explains: "We know each other well, as we were already clients of Customs Support Safety. That's why we immediately made an agreement for at least five years, starting 1 January 2024. We have confidence in each other - it truly is a partnership." 

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