Webinar: What Brexit Has Changed for Import and Export Documentation


A lot has changed for companies trading between the European Union and the United Kingdom since January 1st of 2021. The United Kingdom is no longer a member of the European Union. This means an end to the free flow of goods to and from the United Kingdom. 

The European Union and the United Kingdom struck a trade deal that the European Parliament recently ratified. Customs Authorities on both sides have implemented new processes and procedures, impacting companies on both sides.

63 % of companies feel Brexit impact

The Dutch-British Chamber of Commerce concluded that almost two-thirds of companies in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are impacted negatively by Brexit. For companies in the logistics sector, this percentage is even 80%.

Hurdles when importing and exporting

Many of the hurdles companies face post-Brexit are related to the new customs procedures and the documents needed to declare your goods and have them pass through customs without delay.

What has changed for import and export documentation

DocuSign, a developer of e-signature technology, has organised a webinar to address the issues companies face when importing and exporting between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

In this webinar, DocuSign’s Area Vice President Charlie Weijer is joined by Customs Support’s Director of Innovation & Information Technology Bardo Schütz and Bird&Bird’s Trade and Customs Lawyer Goran Danilović to discuss the changes in customs documentation due to Brexit. Bardo will also explain how the digitisation of customs processes can increase the efficiency of your logistics operation, and save you time, both in the office and at the border.

Join Bardo, Charlie and Goran on Tuesday, May 18th at 12pm CEST. Please register here.